Friday, May 7, 2010

Curtain fabric!

I've been having a hard time figuring out what color I want to paint the bedroom that will serve as my office/craft room.  I want something bright and energizing, but that will still work with the rest of the house. 

Since I was being indecisive while staring at the paint swatches, I thought that perhaps the way to make a decision would be to first select the fabric I'll use to make the curtains, and then work backwards from there to the paint color.  Again, I'm thinking something punchy, bright, large print....  But I hadn't been making much headway with that approach, either--I wasn't able to find a fabric I liked at a good price, nor one that was so perfect that I didn't mind paying an arm and a leg.

Then, a member of the new modern quilting group that I'm a part of sent us a link to Pink Chalk Fabric's Anniversary Sale.  They have some really great fabrics at some fantastic prices.  I was tempted by a number of their options:

I finally decided on this one, an Amy Butler in the Nigella home decor fabric line. At $5.99 for a 54" wide decor weight designer fabric (normally $14.95), it's a great deal! (Plus, by using a 54" wide fabric, I'll be able to get two curtain panels out a of width of fabric. I'd only be able to get one out of a 44" width--that's a big cost savings, and one of the major reasons I chose this one.)

Go check out Pink Chalk Fabric--they have some great deals through May 17, but they only have several yards of each fabric, so they're selling out quick!  And I bought the entire stock of this one.  :-)

Once the fabric arrives, I'll pull out my deck of paint chips and think about what color to paint the room.  Maybe a light turquoise, a few shades lighter than the leaves, or a light green, as in the swirl in the flower petals?

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