Monday, May 24, 2010

Pleasant surprises

When P and I bought the house in March, we thought that the landscaping was just azaleas and dogwoods.  I like dogwoods, but I was a little disappointed that there were no spring bulbs popping up in our yard. 

Well, two months later I'm finding that the landscaping is just mostly azaleas and dogwoods--there are also a few pleasant surprises lurking out there for me.  First, a lush peony bush appeared.  This was really exciting to me--I had been planning to buy a peony for next year.  Peonies formed that core of my wedding bouquet, so I've got a soft spot for them. 

I cut a big bunch of them and used them for a centerpiece with our Mother's Day dinner--they were amazingly aromatic, like an old-fashioned garden rose.  Nothing like the grocery store peonies I used in my wedding bouquet!

Now I've got these mystery plants coming up--they certainly look like calla lilies to me, and the timing would be right.  Another very exciting discovery--P chose to have calla lilies in his boutonniere for our wedding.  Callas are also pretty expensive to buy--usually 3 for $10--so discovering a natural source is great!  They look like they need to be thinned, so I'll do that after they bloom (assuming they do prove to be callas), and spread the wealth around the yard.

What are the chances that the two flower species we chose to use for the wedding would be the two that would appear in our yard?

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Brenna said...

How amazing that would be! I hope you get your callas. :)