Saturday, July 10, 2010

Front bedroom

When I last left you, we were agonizing over what color we should paint our front bedroom.  It's a fairly large room, with excellent light.  There are three windows--two south, and one west.  We were planning to use this as our bedroom for the next year, until we completed the renovations on the master bedroom. 

Then we had a crisis of confidence.  Which room should we sleep in?  Front bedroom pros: 1. it was nearly completed, and 2. it's crazy bright, and I like to wake up to morning light.  Front bedroom cons: those lovely south windows face the street, so 1. we'd have to keep them covered, thus reducing the light pro, and 2. there would be some traffic noise.  Master bedroom pros: 1. the bathroom is right there, 2. the walk-in closet is right there, 3. it's really quiet, and 4. it's an ugly dark cavern, and P will wake up with daybreak if given much light at all.  Master bedroom cons: 1. there's no floor right now or for the foreseeable future, and OSB subfloor is pretty impossible to keep clean, 2. when it's time to put in the floor, we'll have to move everything out, and 3. did I mention it's an ugly dark cavern?  It's a really large room, with only two windows--one north and one east.

Ultimately, it came down to the fact that P is a finicky sleeper, and he will sleep better in the master.  And I sleep better if he's also asleep.  And sleep seems like the most important part of a bedroom.  So we set up our furniture in the master, and will move it when it's finally time to put in flooring.

This meant that the front bedroom was open.  Being the gracious hostess I am, I declared that it would be a waste to use it as a guest bedroom.  It's the nicest bedroom in the house, and it would be a real shame if it were used only once a month, at best.  So it was decided that I would have a crazy nice office/craft room.

But we still needed to find a wall color.  I wanted something energetic; P wanted something that wouldn't make him crazy.  And I had to admit it seemed like a good idea for there to be some general cohesion in the house's color scheme. 

I had mentioned a plan to use this fabric to make curtains, and to draw the room's color scheme from it.
But then it arrived, and I panicked about the idea of using such a dramatic print on something so large as curtains, and whether I really wanted these colors, and would the curtain fabric be too dark on the windows I wanted to keep nice and bright....  So, there will be no curtains--but I still have several yards of fabric, so you will be seeing this pattern appear elsewhere in the house in future posts.

Yes, some of these are duplicates--I put samples up at different spots in the room to test them in a variety of lighting conditions.  The conclusion, after all of these samples, is that as much as I like the look of vibrant paint colors in magazine photos, I'm not so sure about them on my wall.  Maybe it's a commitment phobia, but I think it's taste: I like the idea of lighter paint colors paired with brighter accessories.

So we finally settled on Benjamin Moore's Patriotic White.  (As always, matched in Behr's paint and primer in one--in this case, in a flat finish, to minimize the unevenness in the walls caused by 60 years of paint vs. the smooth spots of newly repaired spackle.)  It's really a nice cool light blue--not white at all.

The final step after painting was to install the baseboard and quarter-round.  We used the cheap pre-primed MDF, rather than solid wood, since it was cheaper and we were just going to paint it anyway.  Once we got it home, we realized another surprising benefit--it's pretty flexible.  This turned out to be really helpful in maneuvering 12-foot lengths of board through the house--we could just bend it around corners and through doorways--and made installing it into tight corners easier.

P surprised me by installing the baseboard and quarter-round by himself while I was away for a weekend, attending a friend's wedding.  What a lovely surprise to come home and find that he had put the finishing touches on two rooms.  The office and guest bedroom were completed, and ready to have furniture moved in!

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