Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday evening, I left to run a few errands, and was gone approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.  When I left, P was happily spackling the bathroom ceiling.  (More on that another time....)  And the dining room looked something like this:
(Except I painted the shelves a few months back, but you get the idea.)

I got back to find P in the driveway, looking like the cat who had eaten the canary.  And the dining room looked like this:

P followed me into the house, asking, "Are you mad?"  "Are you kidding?"  I replied.  "I've been begging you to take that stove out for months!"

Okay, the stove isn't quite out.  It's now stalled in the kitchen, as P designs and builds a ramp to get it out the door, because it is cast iron and heavy.  Sometimes I think he does jobs just so he can build all the associated equipment--rather than building the equipment to get the job done.  He does love this sort of work. 

But I digress.  Back to that fireplace.  P did take the cover off so we could take a look around in there for the first time.  We do indeed have a fireplace back there!  There's a stove pipe inserted into the chimney, which is every bit as full of ash and creosote as I had feared.  It's truly amazing that the house didn't burn down the last time the stove was lit.  It's technically a coal-burning stove, but the previous owners had been using it to burn wood--perhaps part of the problem.  We won't be lighting any fires until the stovepipe is removed and we've called out a chimney sweep.  He's the first person we'll be hiring to work on the house--quite a milestone!

That ugly cover will be staying over the fireplace for the foreseeable future.  There's no damper in the chimney, so leaving the fireplace uncovered would be akin to leaving a window open day and night, year-round.  We're going to look into installing a damper, but that's quite far down on the to-do list.  But in the meantime, I'm quite glad that stove is gone--one more item off the list, and several square feet of space freed up.

Maybe I should go to the store more often.

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