Friday, August 27, 2010


P (re)framed the closet last night.  It doesn't look so dramatic in pictures, but it was a big, important step, and I was amazed by how quickly he completed it.




We were feeling celebratory this evening, and I already had on hand ingredients for a nice dinner.  So I decided to do it up, and finally finished unpacking the last of the china and crystal my grandparents were kind enough to bring me back in May. 

When my grandmother (other side of the family) died, she left an unfathomably large collection of china behind--most of which she had inherited from other family members.  I got a small set of china that had been her mother's, and a large set of crystal (I think glassware with raised designs, really) of unknown origin.  That was, oh, five years ago?  But transient graduate student apartments did not seem the right environment for family china--especially not china that had been used often for many decades, and had had various pieces broken over the years, so I'm not starting with an over-generous number of pieces.

But I don't want to just turn them into museum pieces out of fear.  Now that we have a house (and don't have roommates), it was the right time to move the china out of storage at my parents' and put it to good use again.

All of this is a long way of saying that, a month after I formally entered the pool of temp workers, my first assignment finally came through!  And it's a long one!  Beginning Monday, I'll be working full-time for the next month.  Big changes!

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bennett said...

First, I want to congratulate you and P for being so industrious. After a full day of work, I go home and vegitate. Where does P find his energy? Second, It is a good thing that neither of you is a big person, or you would have had to enlarge that closet. Finally, this will soon be the nicest house in the neighborhood - if it is not already.