Monday, August 2, 2010

Project of the week

My parents are coming to visit soon.  So the project of the week is to finish* decorate the guest bedroom--finally get a bedframe, hang some pictures, etc. 

To review, here's what the guest bedroom looked like in May, when our first guests arrived:

The walls, trim, and ceiling were all the same almond color that graced all the rooms of our house.  Plus lots of spackle on the walls where P was busy fixing nail pops.

And here's a peak of where we are today:

As with all the rooms, the ceiling is Behr's white ceiling paint, and the trim is done in Behr Ultra Pure White (satin).  We painted this room just after I figured out my cardinal rule of paint color selection--when in doubt, go with the Benjamin Moore historic colors line, so the walls are Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb gray.  A pretty misleading name--not a gray all all, but a nice taupe.  Perhaps with warm gray undertones.  Not too pink, but not at all yellow.  Just what we wanted.  (We also tested Elmira White.  Very similar, just a touch lighter and less gray--also a lovely color.)

The windows used to have IKEA Wilma curtains (in white) hanging on the rods and puddling nicely on the floor--but I liked them too much, and borrowed them for the master bedroom decorating project.  Since my parents live closer to an IKEA than I do, they're going to kindly bring another two sets for the guest bedroom.

Right now, the room is nice and neutral with crisp white accents and minimal furnishings, and P and I are really liking it that way.  My plan is to furnish it with various family mementos and hand-me down furniture pieces.  The trick will be to do that while still keeping the calm, uncluttered atmosphere.  We'll see if I can pull it off!

*I can't finish the guest room--to the extent that anything is ever finished--before my parents arrive because my parents are bringing a number of items for that room: curtains, dresser, nightstand, and chair.  There's a very real chance that I abuse my guests.

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