Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our first assignment for the shoot-along was to photograph things we were loving about summer.  I was hung up on this one for a while--it's been quite hot here for the last several weeks, and I'm not feeling the summer love.

Upon further reflection, I realized that I have been thoroughly enjoying the garden.  This is the first summer I've had a real garden.  Last summer was too rainy, and my garden spot too moist and shady, for my few plants to stand a chance.  Before that, I made do with some potted plants on my somewhat shaded apartment balcony.  So it's been great having some sunny dirt for my plants to grow in, and I've liked puttering around tending them.

For the last month it's rained, briefly, nearly every day.  The garden has been happy.

I snapped these photos about two weeks ago, when the sun popped back out after a brief midday rainstorm.  They seem like a pretty good description of my summer.

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