Sunday, August 1, 2010

Surprise master bedroom decoration project!

P was away on a business trip Thursday-Saturday.  I decided it would be really great to complete a major house project on my own, and surprise him with it when he got home.

The short list included: 1. Really clean up and de-clutter the place, 2. Finish unpacking boxes and setting up the living room, and 3. Painting and decorating the master bedroom.  Painting definitely sounded more fun than cleaning, so it was on!

The master bedroom was never a priority.  The walls were a shade of just-off white.  Not offensive, but a little too reminiscent of all of our bland grad school rental apartments.  Plus, they were quite full of nailholes and scuffs from whatever items the previous owner had had there.

Frankly, choosing to paint the bedroom over of the of other possible jobs was a largely selfish choice.  I was pretty sure P would be more relieved to find that all of the boxes had magically unpacked themselves, rather than the bedroom had a new wall color.  But whatever.  I'm the laborer here.  But then, a few days before he left, P came to bed all dejected, and told me that he kind of wished we were sleeping in the guest room.  It was all nice and finished!  And not full of stuff!  And it had paint, baseboards, and even a floor! 

Um, yeah, a floor.  We were so eager to get rid of the carpeting in our house, that we went ahead and pulled it all up--fully knowing that the master bedroom only had OSB subfloor under the carpet.  (The rest of the house had hardwoods under there.)  We knew it would be 6 months to a year before we would be able to lay hardwoods in there, but a subfloor seemed way better than mauve (and occasionally stained) carpet.

In case you're interested:

Living on an OSB subfloor is pretty obnoxious.  It's nearly impossible to clean, and I get the occasional splinter in my foot.  But neither of us have any regrets about tearing out that carpet.  It was the right thing to do.

I'll start the redecoration narrative by mentioning that we still have a plain OSB floor.  It doesn't make sense to us to invest money and time into a temporary fix, and most of the options we can think of would make our lives more difficult when it comes time to lay those hardwoods.  So we're sticking it out.

Enough about the sad floor situation, and back to P's dreams.  Crisp white sheets!  Like in a hotel!  Wouldn't that be nice?

Well, yes, that would.

With this unexpected validation of my decision to do a surprise bedroom makeover, I busied myself with as much prep work as I could without raising P's suspicions.  I picked up new white sheets, picture frames and curtain rods, two gallons of paint, and got busy patching those holes in the wall.  (Yeah, that wasn't just a "I can't stand having a hole here anymore!" patch job.  And there was one smaller hole I didn't even tell you about.)  Even though I selected a paint color I had already tested in two other rooms, I obeyed my cardinal rule of painting a test swatch on the wall--behind my dresser.  Sneaky!
As soon as P was gone, I pushed all the furniture to the center of the room and threw some drop cloths over the pile.  (Hooray for large rooms and small furniture collections!)  Obviously, there was no need to put drop cloths on the floor.  After all, the last painters hadn't either.  (They sprayed painted the wall before the carpet went it!)
Then I painted and painted and painted. 

And ran around decoration at the last minute before P came home.  Except everything didn't come together quite as well.  Wow!  Who would have thought hanging curtain rods was this hard?  Why aren't they straight?  I measured the holes!  Why did I buy full size sheets for a queen bed?  Oh no!  Last minute trip to the store!  Wash the sheets!  Put them on the bed!  Wait a minute--that's a king sheet!  But the package says queen, and everything else in it is queen.  Manufacturing defect!  But P is in the driveway by now.  Oh well. Sheets will have to come later. 

And I didn't get around to hanging photos.  Which is probably just as well, after the hash I made of hanging curtains.  P can help with that one.

So, what you've all been waiting for.  Before:






And, for the coup de grace:
Painted faux headboard!  Cheaper than the real thing, and much easier to fit in the car.  Only took about an hour of planning with graph paper, and two and a half hours of measuring, leveling, taping, realizing a critical mistake, retaping....  But it was totally worth it--I'm thrilled with the results.

P and I are both pleased with the paint color--Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments.  We had tested it in two other rooms, so I knew that he liked it.  I didn't want to do all of that work of painting and then have him disappointed with the results.  Interestingly, it's the darkest paint color we've used in the house (though I certainly wouldn't call it a dark color--we just tend toward light ones), and this is the darkest room--and it works well.  I went with eggshell paint, thinking it might help brighten up the place a little.  Maybe it does, but I rather wish I had gone with my trusty flat paint--I'm not as good a spackler as P, and my wall patches could use all the disguising they can get.

So there it is.  Surprise!  Stay tuned for the finishing touches to the decor in a week or two.


Marie said...

I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am. If your new job isn't to your liking, you have have a career in home decorating using a brush and what is on-hand. Amazing!

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Colie's Kitchen said...

I love the headboard so cute! What a great idea!! -nicole @

Autumn said...

I bet you are so happy with these great improvements!

the cape on the corner said...

that looks great, and i love the painted head board! super smart! great paint color, too...i am revamping our master and this paint may be a contender!

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