Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend reading

I ran across this article on state parks.  I found it a bit slow to get going, but well worth sticking with it.  I love Smith's concluding paragraph on how state parks ability to celebrate the local and humble reveal great virtues:

"State parks are everywhere. According to the National Association of State Park Directors, there are more than 6,000 state park units in the 50 states. The system receives more than 725 million visits a year. And yet you'll never see the state parks on any kind of national calendar, on the face of any coin. This is unfortunate, as the diversity of the parks and the states' approaches to nature; the aspiration behind arguing that you may not have the Grand Canyon, but you have a grand canyon; the gumption of saying that when life hands you a landfill and former drive-in theater, make a state park, collectively create an identity as inspiring as the that of the national parks. I mean, if you're going to have values embedded in nature, those seem like seem like pretty good ones to me."

Certainly makes me want to go out there and make sure my legislature doesn't cut parks funding in these tough times! 

It also inspired me to look up our nearest state park--haven't learned that since moving here six months ago.  Turns out it's only one town over.  It's newest claim to fame is having an ADA compliant tree house--even kids in wheelchairs can ascend!  Definitely unexpected, and pretty cool.

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