Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yet more progress

I haven't had much time to update the blog lately, but P has been continuing to make progress on getting the bathroom back into shape.

He put up drywall in the closet:

And my favorite part, a ceiling!  And he even got up into the attic and moved the insulation back into place, so we're much more energy-efficient now.

We cut another damaged section out of the subfloor, and got the first two layers of new flooring down.

We hadn't done this earlier, because the floor seemed to be the only thing holding the wall up--so we didn't want to cut all of it out at once.  While we were down there, we also used some bricks, 2x4s, and shims to build up a bit of a support pillar connecting the wall to the foundation.

There's not too much going on the with bathroom this week.  While life is keeping us busy with other things, we're pondering some of the more fun decisions that come later.

What type of flooring will we install?  Since there's a good chance we'll do more extensive renovations to this room later, we're looking for something cheap and quick.  Peal-and-stick vinyl tiles had been topping the list, but now laminate looks like it's winning out.  I had been under the impression that laminate was not appropriate for wet and humid rooms, and our standard renovations reference book says laminate is ideal for those settings.  And I'm certain it knows better than I do.

I'm in agonies over what color to paint the bathroom.  Here's my list of constraints:
  • I need a color that is flattering to both of our skin tones.  I don't want to try to apply makeup in a room that makes me look green.
  • The color should be fairly subtle/neutral.  The bathroom has a skylight and is quite bright.  In my last apartment, with a similar configuration, the bright lighting hitting the vintage turqoise tub tile made the room emit an unearthly glow.
  • This is the last room in the house left to paint.  I need a color that is cohesive with the scheme we've got going in the rest of the house, but not too duplicative.
  • I'm not planning to paint the woodwork in the bathroom (at least not for now), so the paint color should work with it.
It's that third requirement that's really stumping me.  From the first two requirements, I figure that a light gray is the way to go.  Except all of the living areas of our house are already painted light gray--another light gray might push us over the edge.

Maybe a different light gray?  The one in the dining room etc. has very blue undertones--a gray with different tones?


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