Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy times

Things have been a little crazy around here lately.  I started work two weeks ago, and somehow this leaves both P and I exhausted.  Being a grownup is hard

We both took the day off of Labor Day off of work.  Yay!  So that we could spend 26 hours of our four-day weekend in the truck.  Boo!  In order to go see his parents.  Yay!  And then his brother, sister-in-law, and 16 month old nephew were kind enough to drive a few hours so we could see them too.  Yay!  As you can see, a good weekend overall, but it only added to the exhaustion.

I get one weekend to rest, and then well before the crack of dawn next Sunday morning (Boo!) I get to fly to Dallas for a few days for a business trip.  I know, who invites their temp of two weeks to go on a business trip, right?  Seems like a major vote of confidence to me, and I'm working to build brownie points at the company in hopes they will lead to something in the future, so this seems like a good opportunity.  And a lucrative one--overtime pay plus more per diem dollars than I'm capable of spending.  (I wonder how much money non-drinkers save over the course of a lifetime?)

So we're taking this weekend to rest and catch our breath.  I've penciled lots of naps into my schedule.  And lots of housecleaning.  It's not the type of project that leads to glamorous pictures for you (look! my broom!)--but actually, it should be good for blogging.  We've accomplished lots more projects around here than I have had time to show you--but who wants to show the world pictures of their messy house?  I'll try to remember to snap a bunch once the cleaning is accomplished and before we have time to get the place messy again.

Hope you enjoy too!

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