Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ghost of the hall bath past

While the master bath project is kind of stalled out, I thought I'd bring you up to date on the work we've done on the hall bath.  It was one of those projects that took far, far longer than you would imagine that such a small amount of work on such a tiny space could take.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, the pictures of the hall bath before we began messing with it (from our visits before we closed on the house).

70s-tastic!  We both agreed that the mustard toilet seat had to go, but the wallpaper was a little more contentious.  P maintained that it was both dated and hideous.  I claimed it was so old that fashions had come back around, and it was groovy once more.

A close up: which one of us was right? 

We didn't need marital counseling over this one.  Whether groovy or not, the wallpaper was starting to show its age--particularly at the seams, which were subtly but noticeably discolored.

So the wallpaper had to go.  But not without an epic fight.  Stay tuned for the drama....

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