Friday, September 24, 2010

Magic bathroom!

A friend of mine coined the phrase "magic drawer" to refer to a drawer that magically refills with clean socks.  Her "magic lawn" was mowed by the landlord's landscapers, so she never had to notice or think about it.  I love the concept, and have freely appropriated it for situations where a person doesn't mean to be thoughtless of another's labor, but never bothers to notice that labor is occurring. 

It was no innocent coincidence that I decreed "date night" to pick out new flooring for our master bathroom a mere 36 hours before leaving on a four-day business trip.  And P is very good at taking a hint.  :-) 

To review, when I left, the master bathroom looked like this:

There was still quite a bit of prep work to do before laying the flooring.  P had to remove the rest of the old vinyl, pull all of the molding, take the toilet out (so flooring could be laid underneath it), and add the last 1/4" layer of subfloor to the repaired section.*

He also took pictures for my blog!  Isn't this guy totally dreamy?  (I'll ignore the fact that half of the pictures were of the toilet and icky toilet plumbing.)

Those tasks, in and of themselves, would have been a quite respectable set of tasks for three days (two of them weekdays, at that). 

But P is nothing if not an overachiever. 

I'll spare you all of the details of what he did--because I don't really know what he did.  It's magic, right?

Here's what I came home to:


Not bad for the cheapest laminate we could find, right?

Look how nicely he did the door frames:

And because he's a ridiculously hard-working guy, he also taped the new drywall in the closet:

I don't even try to keep up anymore.

I love you, sweetie!

*For some reason we can't understand, the subfloor in the bathroom has an extra layer of 1/4" flooring on top.  Perhaps it was to make the bathroom floor, just covered in thin vinyl, line up a little better with the bedroom floor (covered in carpet padding and carpet)? 

Whatever the original intention, we decided to match it by adding a 1/4" layer to the repaired subfloor.  We could  have laid a single, thicker subfloor.  But doing it in two layers will allow us more flexibility in the future.  In particular, it would make it very easy to lay one continuous type of flooring in both the master bedroom and master bath.  (i.e., if we remove the top 1/4" in the bathroom, we have a continuous subfloor extending between the rooms.)

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