Monday, September 6, 2010

Quilt block

My modern quilting group does a block of the month.  Each month, a member brings in the cut fabric and instructions necessary to make a quilt block.  We make them, and bring them back the next month (or the next month we make the meeting, or whenever we finally finish) to give back.  Now she's well on her way to a completed quilt top! 

I thought this past month's block was particularly interesting.  It was from this tutorial, and is designed to use up pretty scraps from other projects.  I've never made anything like this before, and am proud of myself that it turned out!

Please ignore that dangling thread

I proudly showed my handiwork to P, who responded with, "Wow, it's um, busy."  Hmm.  He might have a point there.  But I have an idea for how to adapt this to something a little less busy--and that will use up the larger pieces of fabric I have on hand--not so many small scraps (which I haven't collected yet).  Stay tuned!  (for the long haul--I've got several other projects in the works to finish/begin/finish first!)

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