Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reading nook


A few months back, I showed you some pictures of my newly painted office.  But I haven't yet shown you any of my furniture or decorations.  This is my space to play with--to try out things that might be trendy or bright for P, but that I think are fun.

Here's my great little reading corner:

A good start, but it definitely needs a little more excitement.  I'm decorating slowly--figuring it out bit by bit, and drawing out the enjoyment.  The first call here was a throw pillow--I needed something functional to stuff behind my back while reading, and decorative to brighten up the place when I wasn't sitting there.

I spent a few weeks checking out at the pillows at Walmart, Target, etc., and a good bit of time surfing online--but I wasn't hitting that sweet spot of inspiration and budget.  Then Liz at say YES! to hoboken reposted these great felt pillows from purl bee that had made the blogosphere rounds this winter.  Plus easy-to-follow tutorial!

So I grabbed some felt, and made my own version:

The purl bee tutorial suggested just sewing the pillow form into the pillow case.  But my usual way of celebrating any new purchase--at least anything that comes near my academic books--is to spill coffee on it, so I wanted to be able to easily remove the case to launder it.  I was too lazy to insert a zipper, so I decided to just make a flap closure.  I underestimated the puffiness of the pillow form, and it kept pushing the flaps open.  So to solve that problem, I decided to add some buttons. 

Yeah.  In my efforts to avoid a zipper, I ended up making button holes.  This was the first time I had tried this since buying my new sewing machine.  This machine has an automatic button hole feature that I was really excited about.  There were a few hitches in learning to use it--I definitely should have started on some scrap fabric, instead of the pillowcase itself.  Or at least I should have learned that after ripping out the first misfire--or three.  Did I ever mention that I can be pretty stubborn?

But eventually I got the hang of it:

Viola!  A brighter corner!

The next step will be curtains.  I have some ideas for artwork for the corner, but I've chosen a pretty loud curtain fabric, so I want to see how the room looks with them in place before adding any other elements. 

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Nicole G. said...

I love your reading corner so far! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!