Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm spending my lunch break at star bucks, blogging on my new iPad. Well, mine until I arrive at the conference on Sunday. until then, I'm supposed to play with it, figure out how to use it, so I can help others.

Five minutes in, I've so far confirmed what I figured when these were released. it's wildly impractical, especially for the price. I can't type worth a darn. how am I supposed to touch-type if I can' feel keys? every place I'd love to have internet access doesn't have wifi, so lack of a device is the least of my problems.

but this experiment is only confirming my consumerist tendencies, as well. I WANT of these. it slides into my purse so easily! i've always been a Sucker for tiny technology. The plane ride is going to be so pleasant watching movies on this! Much better than my iPod nano screen!

But back to reality. p and I are going to go out tonight and spend nearly enough money to buy an iPad. But instead we'll come home with a used table saw and flooring for the mater bathroom. much more practical.


Update: After using the iPad for several days, my lust has diminished significantly.  I'm particularly disenchanted with using my finger to slide up and down to scroll--I find it a little too much like watching microfilm screens glide by, and inducing seasickness after prolonged use.  On a positive note, kudos to the Charlotte airport for the free wi-fi--I'm getting a lot of posting done on layovers!

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