Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheap fix

The lighting situation in the master bathroom is bad.  It's going to need some serious updating.  Later.  (I'll tell you all about it another day....)

We'll fix it, like, once we have some ideas or something.

The one element that was fine was the ceiling light/exhaust fan.  Except for the fact that like most fans these days, the housing is made out of plastic.  And after 20 years, white plastic turns yellow.

So I wasn't thrilled with the yellow fixture, but didn't want to go through the time or money to replace something that was otherwise okay.  We replaced the exhaust fan in the other bathroom, and it turned out to be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming.  So not again.

I've read all about the magic properties of spray paint all over the blogosphere, but hadn't tried it for myself yet.

I picked up a can of silver Rustoleum paint at Home Depot--paying $2 extra for the indoor/outdoor variety, so it could stand up to a humid bathroom environment--and man, everything I had read about the magic of this stuff is so true.

I neglected to take a "before" picture, since this was during the era of "the camera is lost in the mess on the kitchen table."  But you can use your imagination, right?

P put the fan back up this morning, and I'm pretty darn pleased:

I think spray paint is going to be a serious player around these parts from now on.

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Marie said...

I am going to run out to Lowe's and get a can for the ceiling fan in your bathroom. (I still call it your bathroom even though you don't live there anymore.) Who knew it could be so easy!