Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magic bathroom!

Sorry for the lack of updates--I misplaced my camera.  On the kitchen table.  Yeah, the housekeeping around here definitely leaves something to be desired.

I went back home the first weekend in October for my grandmother's 80th birthday.  Great fun!  But that's not really on topic here.  What matters is that I went by myself, and left P at home.  And he painted the bathroom!

This shouldn't have really come as a surprise, since he asked me at least three times before I left, "Where's the paint?  What paint are we using?"  But I'm usually the painter around here--he's great with a roller, but has little patience for cutting in.  And the bathroom required a lot of cutting in: two door frames, mirror, light fixtures, vanity, tub, etc.  Bedrooms are really a piece of cake, aren't they?

But P rose to the occasion, and I came home to a lovely room!  Here it is as of a few days ago:

(P installed the quarter round bridging the gap between the tub and the floor since this was taken.  And the wall color is Benjamin Moore's Horizon, in case anyone is interested.)

Just a few finishing details left now:  I need to install all new outlets and light switches, a little bit of touch up paint on the molding corners, and putting the exhaust fan cover back on.

Then on to the fun parts: artwork!  A new bath mat!  And I'm seriously toying with the extravagance of new towels.  We've always gone frugal and used hand-me downs.  The idea of getting new ones in matching colors (and that complement the paint!) is pretty novel.

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