Thursday, October 28, 2010

New York, New York

Now that we've completed the serious work on the master bathroom, it's time to get down to the fun details!  I hung our first piece of art this weekend:

I love having something hanging on that back wall--it makes the room look much more welcoming and less sterile.  But P and I can't make up our mind on the height.  Usually I hang things too high, and I may have overcorrected this time.  (The top of the frame is about level with my eyes.)  But I wanted it to be easily viewed from, ahem, a seated position.

I'm inclined to live with it.  After all, I'm so proud of myself for hanging it level--that's a real challenge with these Target frames!  P has suggested correcting by hanging a second picture over it.  I'm worried that one would be far too high.  What do you think?

Our "artwork" is actually a sheet of wrapping paper.  I bought it last year to wrap my wedding gift to P.  He's normally a gratuitous paper-tearer (I know!  Who saw that one coming, Mr. Meticulous?), but he took a liking to this piece, and wisely decided to save it.

Despite P's care in unwrapping the gift, the paper still is, well, used gift wrap--creases, tape, and all.  I'm claiming that it gives the piece character--makes it look like an actual map that's seen some use.  (Anyone buying that?)

Here's the amusing irony--P and I hate going to Manhattan.  It's just too overwhelming, too many people--we're small-town introverts at heart.  So why display the map?  Because the engineer in P loves it.  He's fascinated by all the infrastructure required to support modern life--particularly in a place as dense as Manhattan.  This map is nice in that it shows things most don't, including train lines and shipping docks.  P also feels some personal connection to all of this.  His father commuted to Manhattan daily, where he worked to keep the trains running.

At the risk of treading on, um, sensitive topics, I think this is the perfect piece of art for a bathroom.  Plenty of detail to keep the eye and mind while a person is in there alone.

We're going to be the biggest experts on the transportation system of Manhattan who never actually go there that you've ever seen.

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