Friday, November 12, 2010

By request

P is a very good sport about letting me talk about him on here.  So when I received an email from him entitled "blog requests," I figured I should take heed.  Especially when the body consisted of:

"Picture of you on the mower

Picture of our nephew trying to tie my boot.

Sawzall taken to our dogwood."
I like being married to a guy who's easy to please.  :-)
(Plus, yesterday was his birthday--I'm not allowed to say "no" to anything this week.)
So, without further ado:

Here I am attempting to drive P's brother's $10,000 zero-turn lawnmower.  I think the bluebook on this must be higher than the values of both my car and P's truck combined.  (Don't worry--it's a commercial vehicle, not just for his own yard.) 
But speaking of the yard, it is the one my sister-in-law uses for their own house.  Luckily the blades weren't down, because it takes some practice to drive it smoothly around curves.  Not really my thing, since I'm proud of myself for having learned to use a push mower just last month.  I've got a long way to go to work up to this beast.

However, someone else is entirely ready: not only does our two-year old nephew love it, he knows more about operating it than either P or I do.  Not saying much when it comes to me, but scary with P--the guy knows his lawnmowers.  The little tyke knows every next step with the mower--but thankfully lacks the dexterity and strength to complete them.  P drove the mower around with the kid on his lap, and when he wanted to complete an operation, he could just look down and see which button or lever it was little A was reaching for.  The kid's going to be scary when he gets a little older--like three.

But for now, he has this amazing attitude--he tries everything for himself, and after a minute, he know when he's outmanned, and looks up, and says, "Help?"

Putting on P's work boots for him was one of those moments:

These final pictures are back in our own yard.  We had a (very) dead dogwood tree that needed to be cut down.  It didn't seem worth it to put gas in the chainsaw for such a small tree.  P is very diligent about not leaving gas in the chainsaw for more than a month.  (And what does he do with the old gas?  It goes in his truck, unless his tank is full, and then he wants to put it in my car.  And I give him the evil eye and say if it's not good enough for the saw, why should I let him put it in my far more expensive car?  Back to the story....)  We knew we wouldn't use the saw again for quite some time.

I came up with the brilliant idea of just using the sawzall.  I'm not used to having a yard so small that I can just run an extension cord anywhere it's needed.  Very convenient.  P was totally game, so:

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Lauren said...

Am I take as the moral of this story that 'that there's a small yard?' Ahaha - it would pass for a city park around here!