Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas mantle

P spent the weekend down in the crawl space.  I know he wants to tell you about everything he's been doing down there--he has been taking lots of pictures, and has promised a guest post.

Before he disappeared, he was kind enough to drive lots of thumbtacks into the underside of our mantle, so I could create this:

The silver bead garland, string of twinkle lights, and poinsettia (of course) were the only new purchases--everything else I had on hand.  The twinkle lights were Martha Stewart for Home Depot, warm white LEDs.  They were rather more expensive than the other brand of LEDs available, but I'm very happy with them.  Some LED Christmas lights cast a very blue light--these blend in much better with the color of light given off by the tea lights.

The "votive holders" are actually drinking glasses, and not technically "Christmas" items--they just look that way when lined up together.  (The green ones were a wedding gift; the red ones were my grandmother's.  She used to line them up on a shelf in front of a window, because she liked the way the light shone through them.)

I've had the mini tree and it's ornaments so long that I can't remember when my mom mailed them to me.  College dorm?  First grad school apartment?  The presents are actual gifts--someone requested some very conveniently sized presents this year.  :-)  Hopefully she doesn't mind me using them first!

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