Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow day!

We got about two inches of snow last night.  I know most of you are laughing at us for finding this remarkable--so are we.  This is our first winter here, and we hail from parts much farther north.  Still, two inches is about as much snow as this place ever sees--so I figured I should immortalize it.

Since 1. no one knows what to do with snow, 2. the town seems to have only one snowplow, and only about one salt shaker's worth of salt, and 3. the whole town is built into the side of a hill, making for steep roads and difficult traction; all the schools are cancelled, and both of our workplaces are closed today.  Snow day!

By 10 this morning, we could have gotten out without much trouble--but we live on a road with half the town's schools, so we're a plowing priority.  I can see that the side streets just neighboring us haven't been touched yet.  We'll see if school's back on tomorrow or not.

We're enjoying the time to work on our Christmas to-do lists--homemade gifts, wrapping, etc.

I hope you're enjoying your Monday as much as we are!

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Nicole G. said...

There, I'm finally caught up on your entire blog from start to finish after finding your blog earlier today. Thanks for sharing your adventures! I feel inspired to take on some projects around my house. Oh, and I love your paint color choices! :)