Saturday, January 15, 2011

The ghost of the hall bath's future

Back in December, I showed you some pictures of all the work we had done so far on the hall bath.  (Okay, it didn't seem like that much, but trust me--it was one of those projects where every step took 5 times long than you imagined it could.)

There's still a lot we'd like to do in this space, though--let me give you a tour.

First, it needs a new paint color:

I love this paint color (Benjamin Moore Hint of Mint--just a little greener in real life). Unfortunately, it doesn't love me back--it gives my skin an unflattering greenish cast in the mirror.  I knew this would happen when I painted the room, but I always conceived of this room as a powder room/guest bathroom.  I agonized over the paint color in the master bath, since that's where I figured I would spend most of my time.

And almost as soon as the paint dried I got a job, and started getting up earlier than P, and moved all of my things into the hall bath so he could sleep later in the mornings.  Oops.

So new paint it is.  I'm considering going back to my first idea for this room, and painting it a rich, dark blue for drama.  Since only about 1/4 of the walls will be painted--the rest is all tile or doors--I'm not afraid of going with a really dark color.  Plus I figure there's no point in listening to the conventional advice of dark colors making rooms look smaller and darker.  This is a tiny bathroom with no windows, and no paint color is going to fool anyone into thinking otherwise.

Next to go: the vanity.

It actually could look pretty trendy with a coat of paint: Hollywood Regency, anyone?

But we're not Hollywood Regency people.  Plus, the particleboard has seen better days, and paint isn't going to fix that:

(Trust me, it looks worse in person.)

We're thinking of replacing it with a nice, pedestal sink.  Seems like a good fit for a tiny room, and it's a really classic look, in a really durable material--should be a good long-term investment for the house.  It's also much more period-appropriate for a 50s ranch than the current vanity.  Something like this:

(But cheaper.  Just an example.)

Then, let's complete our push toward 50s appropriate, classic style, and durable materials by replacing the floor:

The vinyl here is actually in pretty good shape.  But I hate it.  We're thinking some white or black and white 50s-esque tile--basketweave, hex, etc. 

Like this:

or this:

We'll see if the floor ever gets done.  The big hurdle is that the wall tile is installed over the current vinyl floor.  Ideally, we would need to remove the vinyl before laying the new floor, but it may not be possible to do that without gutting the walls.  Stay tuned...

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