Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in the saddle

I'm not sure whether it was:
  1. the near completion of the eternal crawl space project that had kept P fully occupied for months;
  2. the longer days and unseasonably warm weather that woke us from our winter hibernation;
  3. weather that reminded us of when we first moved in last year, and we waist-deep in construction projects; or
  4. simply too long since we had last started a new project.
Whatever it was, we snapped out of it this past weekend!

I was just browsing the blog archive, and realized that we've said almost nothing about our living room so far.  Here's what we did with the room in 2010:

April: pulled up old carpet, swept up old carpet pad that had decayed into dust, pulled off old baseboards, removed ugly and stubbornly attached window valence, and refinished the floors.

May: put protective covering down on floors and moved everything from our storage locker into here.  Unpacked some stuff.

June-January 2011: continued to use living room as storage locker for stuff we didn't know what to do with.

What an embarrassment.

Saturday we tackled the mess.  There was some recycling, some uncluttering (Goodwill pile, etc.), and some moving of furniture that actually belongs in the living room to the guest room (plus some stubborn boxes that are continuing to resist unpacking/uncluttering).

Drumroll, please: Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time on this blog (sans carpet), I present...our living room!

We momentarily admired our handiwork in the floor refinishing, and then Sunday we covered the floors back up.  Fully, this time.  And with duct tape.

So we could get to the fun part:

P wanted to be sure I documented the last paint color of the dining room before the paneling was installed

P had to work on Monday, but I had the day off to clean up and admire our handiwork:

Eventually we will remove the studs too--but for now, they're the structural wall holding up about a third of our roof.  Mr. Resident Engineer has some work to do before they can go anywhere.

Man, it felt good to get back into the swing of construction.

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