Friday, February 4, 2011

Bold and Beautiful

It had been four months since I had painted a room, and I was getting an itchy brush finger.  Time to repaint the hall bath!

I loved the first color I selected for the hall bath, but then I got a job, and started getting ready and doing my makeup in there while P continued to sleep (so I wouldn't disturb him by using the master bath).  And it turned out the paint color in the hall bath did not love me back--light greens are not flattering to my complexion.  So, it had to go.

Here's my new bathroom:

This picture isn't such a flattering angle, but the color is pretty true:

The dark, dramatic color works well, since it covers less than a quarter of the wall space--the rest is tile, doorways, and mirrors.

I also got my act together and added a pair of hooks to the back of the closet door, so I would have a place to hang my work clothes.  (I pick them out the night before and move them to the bathroom--that way, I don't have to turn on the light in the morning and bother P, and I don't have to make wardrobe choices before drinking coffee.)

One last farewell to the old paint color--I do miss the peaceful tones, but I enjoy the drama too!  (Note: all of the white/almond surfaces read much truer to color in this photo.  I did play with all of the white balance settings on the camera when taking the new pictures, but it just wouldn't play along with me.)

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