Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let there be light!

So what possessed us to rip down an entire wall of drywall last weekend?

Primarily, we're aiming for a more open floor plan.  It suits the way we live, and we think most people these days like them--we're hopeful with it will a real asset someday when we sell the house. 

There was one other big idea behind the project: light.

Both P and I would consider ourselves "solar powered."  We're a lot more productive in the summer than the winter, and we never really feel properly awake on a dark, overcast day.  Natural light was one of the most important factors was considered in the home buying process: e.g., the number, size, and orientation of windows.

Our house scored better than average in the light department, but we're still aiming for better. 

Our dining room in the morning.  It has two west windows--but the wall of the house blocks their southwest side.  So it has decent light in mid- to late-afternoon, and is fairly dark in the morning.

Here it is in the morning:

Just to illustrate a point here, I took this picture with the camera settings on manual, and then walked into the living room, and didn't adjust any settings.  Here's what the living room looks like in the morning (complete with the clutter we cleared out last weekend):

Gotta love three south windows!  And did I mention--the blinds were fully closed when I took that picture.  Those windows pretty much sold us on the house purchase.

Now that the wall is down, all that light floods into the dining room.  I still give a happy sigh every time I see it. 

Just for kicks, I then took the camera into the kitchen--which only has east-facing windows and an east skylight, so it's at its brightest in the morning.  Ready?

We have some major plans on how to fix that problem.  Stay tuned....

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