Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilt blocks

I've been getting a lot of quilting done this winter since our larger home renovation projects have generally stalled.  (Okay, that's not really true--what's happened is that P has spent three months rehabbing the crawl space.  I refused to help with that job but can't really move forward on any of the upstairs projects without his help, so things are sort of stalled with the interior.)

I showed you the quilted table runner I made to dress our dining room up for Christmas--and then I made four more to gift to family members.  I've completed two queen size quilt tops in the last month.  Hopefully I can get some good progress made on quilting them over the upcoming holiday weekend.  No previews--they're both surprise gifts, so I'd like to receipients to see them before the blog does.

This past weekend was the meeting of our local Modern Quilt Guild.  We take turns doing a block of the month--one person hands out fabric and a pattern, and each guild member brings back the assembled block the following month.

Or the next month they're there, if they have as poor an attendance record as I do.  Case in point, here is the November block I made and returned in February.

February was my month to present the block.  I went with the Rectangle Squared block by Film in the Fridge--though per my usual trend, I made the measurements about 25% larger than the pattern called for.  Larger blocks not only come together faster, but I like the less busy look they give a quilt.  I'm looking forward to getting all of the blocks back and assembling them!

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