Friday, March 11, 2011

Camera bag

My last digital camera was super tiny--easy to slip on my purse, pocket, wherever.  My new DSLR...not so much.

P got me a camera bag for my birthday.  You know, one of those standard square black nylon things.  I feigned excitement upon opening it...but I'm really not a good faker. 

P knew it was going to be returned without me having to say anything.  Yet I had to admit that he had a point--I needed some way to travel with the camera, while properly protecting it.  But I thought one of these nice purse style bags would be so much better--I would only need to carry one bag, it wouldn't scream "I'm a tourist with expensive electronics to steal!", plus it was cute.  :-)

But those things are pricy!  Plus they're designed for professional photographers--women who carry around multiple camera bodies and lenses.  I didn't need anything so large or heavy.

So I decided to make my own version.  A $30 purse from JC Penney, $5 in craft foam, a bit of favorite quilting fabric, and I was set to go!

The left side of the bag keeps the camera nice and padded, and the right and side pockets are free for me to fill with all of those essentials of daily life--wallet, keys, Altoids, granola bar, magazine....  Hey, a girl's always got to be prepared for a never-ending trip to Home Depot, right? 

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