Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One for the life list

Remember that new light fixture I bought for the hall bath?  So I would be able to open the medicine cabinet again?

I finally got the darn thing installed--and without P's help.  Major, major victory for me.  Moving on up the home-improvement capabilities ladder!  Installing an electrical fixture by myself really was on my list of things I dream of doing.

Here she is:

The fixture looks a little crooked in the picture, but trust me and my level, it's not.  And I would know, because I uninstalled and reinstalled the darn thing nearly a dozen times trying to get it right.  None of the electrical boxes in our house are level or plumb--which amazes me, because they must have been installed at so many different times by so many different electricians--and none of them cared to get it right?  There was also a good bit of play in the fixture, so I would line it up, level it, screw it in, and viola! the screws had pushed it off-level.

But I finally got 'er done--except for the bulbs.  I was a little disappointed to discover that the fixture only accepts an obscure variety of halogen bulb--but at least the first two came with the fixture.  But I could not get the little buggers screwed in!  Plus my patience was shot, so I made P do it.  I'm not sure how he managed it--even with my tiny lady-hands, it was tricky trying to maneuver inside the narrow light shades.   I really hope no dead bugs ever fall into this thing, because I already know I never want to have to disassemble it for cleaning! 

The one nice thing about the surprise halogen fittings is that the fixture casts a very pleasing--and bright!--shade of light.  Between the new bulbs and the new paint, my complexion is looking great!

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