Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting the foundation

We've been searching our to-do lists for outdoor jobs that will allow us to enjoy the lovely spring weather.  Remember how we painted our peeling porch steps last fall?  The foundation paint was in pretty good shape, but still, once I saw it against our nice fresh stairs, I wanted to freshen up the foundation as well--and make it match the stair color better.

Here was our house last fall, with the fresh stairs and original foundation color:

You'd totally say that foundation was a light blue, right?  Me too, until I got out the Kilz primer to touch up a rust spot where our old spigot had been leaking.  That primer matched the foundation perfectly.  Turns out it was a bright white, that only looked blue when compared to the warmer white of our siding.

I decided to use Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for our foundation.  That was the color we used for the stairs--the first time we painted them.  Then we decided it was too light, and had them re-tint the paint with double the amount of colorant.  I thought it would be great having the foundation the same color as the stairs, just a shade lighter.

Well, the contrast isn't as large as I had expected:

You can totally see the difference between the two shades if you look at the joint line, but taking in the house as a whole, you'd be unlikely to notice a distinction.  Oh well.  I'm not repainting this time.  I put on a slightly thick first coat, and since the previous coats were all in good condition, P and I decided that we could get away with only one coat of paint.  Living on the wild side here, people!

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