Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Overwhelming cuteness

Can you believe I got through an entire post on our recent trip with barely a mention of our two and a half year old nephew?

I'm sure his grandparents can't either.

The little guy loves his Uncle P.  I mean, loves.  (And I totally agree.)  And Uncle P had a special surprise planned for him this time.

The little guy's Dad runs a landscaping business, and has a lot of commercial equipment.  There's a famous family story of how, several weeks ago, the little guy backed his tricycle up to a 20 foot trailer, looked up at his Dad, and announced, "Hook me up!"

After we finished laughing, P got to thinking.  And then he hit the wood shop.

He didn't have time to completely finish before we left on our trip, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Because there are few things the little guy loves more than getting to be involved in a building project.

Friday and Saturday, the trailer sat in the living room.  The little man had great fun playing in and on it, but he didn't seem to view it as a trailer.  I put his truck and tools in it once or twice, and he emphatically removed them.  They were not part of his plan.  Which is fine--we're all about imaginative play, and who says he has to see this the same way we do?

But once Uncle P moved the trailer and the tricycle outside together, he suddenly got it.  He enlisted Uncle P's help to hook the trailer up with bungee cords.

Look at that happy, proud face!  (None of these pictures are posed--the kid wouldn't have the first idea what that would mean.)  He wasn't so happy when Uncle P disconnected all of the bungee cords.  But Uncle P had an even better idea of how to "hook him up."  And soon enough, the little guy was so fascinated by the construction that he forgot he was upset.

And my, he was happy when the project was complete!

I brought his favorite dump truck outside to put in the back of the trailer--just to get a few pictures to show off P's handiwork.  Since the little guy had shown no interest in playing with truck and trailer together before, I didn't expect him to react any differently this time.

Boy, was I wrong!  As soon as he saw the two together, he loved the idea!

And repeat, for at least half an hour or so.  Right now, he loves hooks and closures, so the hook and eye P gave him to fasten the tailgate is a favorite feature.

Wondering what that box up front is?  Why, that's where he stows his tools!

We're hoping this is a toy that can grow with him.  Right now, he's loving playing with it as a toy in its own right--opening and closing the tailgate, sitting in it, hooking bungee cords through the holes on the sides, trying desperately to remove the S-hooks that Uncle P so cruelly crimped closed, etc.  I think that later he might begin to use it in a more utilitarian way, to transport stuff across the yard.  We'll see!


Jennifer DesRoche said...

I LOVE this! Do you still have it? Would you be willing to sell it?
If by chance you see this post, you can call/text me at
636-698-8263. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment! The trailer was a gift to my nephew who still has, and uses, it. If you're still looking for a trailer, it looks like there are tricycle trailers sold online. I did a search for "toy tricycle trailer" and got a bunch of hits. Here's one at amazon
Good luck!