Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend "getaway"

P and I spent the weekend with his brother's family down in Georgia. 

On our drive down, we pulled off a random exit to get some dinner.  Instead, we were greeted by this scene:

We had seen the pictures of last week's tornado devastation on the news, but it was quite a shock to see it in person, when we least expected it.  Eight particular people were killed in this town.  One sign from a business blew nearly 120 miles to land near our house.  Somehow, those little details bring these things home to P and I and make us feel all the more thankful that we survived the storms unscathed.

It's becoming an annual tradition to crash my sister-in-law's Mother's Day.  Last year, she spent the weekend at our place while her husband dragged all of our belongings out of our storage locker. 

This year, we tried to make it up to her.  Over breakfast Saturday morning, P innocently pointed out a patch of repaired, but not yet painted, drywall.  "What happened there?"  he asked oh so innocently.  (That's his version of the story.  I'm always skeptical of his ignorance.) 

Turns out it was from a cable routing job.  I helpfully offered to put on a second coat of spackle, P obnoxiously pointed out that there would still be a glaring white spot in the pumpkin colored wall, so I offered to paint.  To paint whole kitchen, that is.

P and his brother were still reeling in shock as my sister-in-law and I piled into the car to pick up paint swatches.  (You know, it would have saved a lot of driving if I had just brought my fan deck with me.  Maybe I should be sure to bring it along on every vacation from here on out.)

To make a long story short, we went from this on Saturday (sorry I didn't get any pictures before cutting in--I was too carried away!):

To this on Sunday:

Sorry we didn't have a chance to get things all staged and pretty--we wanted the paint to be good and dry before we starting putting things back where they belong.  Even so, what a change, right?  I love the color she chose (Olympic "Raindrop")--it really helped to (in P's words) modernize the kitchen. 

Since they have a two year old, we went with the Olympic Premium zero-VOC paint.  I hadn't ever used it before, and after one coat, P and I were pretty skeptical.  But the second coat did wonders. 

P is wondering how we take one weekend off from demolishing our own house, and end up demolishing someone else's.  But I was so glad to get a paint brush back in my hand again--it had been months!  Months!

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