Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas surpise

I had thought this would be the year without a Christmas.  (More on all that and what we've been up to at another time....)  And then this morning, P came back from his trip to the dump and Home Depot looking very self-satisfied and carrying this:

And then he went back outside, and reappeared:

"Was the tree lot at Home Depot closing?" I asked.

"Not exactly."

Turns out he found them laying on a side at the dump--the first two contributions of the year to the Christmas tree recycling pile.  So back they came with him, forestalling their fate for at least a few days.

We're curious where they came from--I imagine they were the last two trees left on a local lot somewhere.  Neither shows any sign of having been in anyone's house, and are still nice and moist.  The first, larger one still has its original tag, identifying it as a North Carolina Frasier fir.

The fir turned out to be over 9 feet tall, so it needed a little work before being ready for our house and its 8 foot ceilings.

So P whipped out the sawzall....

What, isn't that the traditional way of trimming a Christmas tree?

Picking up a free tree on Christmas Eve turns out to be highly liberating.  For instance, why bother with a stand and water?  By the time the poor thirsty tree dries out, it will be time to send it back to the recycling pile anyway.  So P just knocked together a quick wooden base, and screwed the tree directly into it.

I ran to Kroger and Wal-Mart, and picked through the remaining decorations (with an eye on cheap), and came up with this:

I can't remember the last time I felt this child-like Christmas joy--at least not over a tree.  Turns out these freebies were just what we needed. 

The smaller tree was rather more crooked, but with some lights, he's looking perfectly festive in our bedroom.  When I was a kid, my family scored our own free trees by cutting down scrub pines from the property of family and friends.  And since they were free, why stop with just one?  So I always had my own in my bedroom.  I haven't done that for many years--I'm looking forward to once again basking in the glow of twinkle lights tonight.

Hope your Christmas also held some festive surprises!

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