Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry for the silence--I'm not sure where I disappeared to in June.  I'll have to fill you in on what we've been up to--but plumbing in the crawl space doesn't make for very glamorous pictures.

So I'll give you some glamor shots of me instead.  :-)

P needed to take some shots to document my hair, because I was done with it.

So I tied it back, handed him the scissors...

...and we passed the hair on to someone who could make better use of it.

Once the major deed was done, P got cold feet and refused to go any further.  So I had to wait two days until Walmart was open (because isn't it classic that we get into a pickle like this on a Saturday night?), and the lady there straightened it out and added some layers.

Not bad, eh?

Friday, June 3, 2011

May 2011--month in review

We got more serious about tearing things apart this month. But the progress has been slow--who would have thought it would take P three weekends to rough in the waste plumbing lines for our new utility room? Not us!

Guest Bedroom
  • hang pictures
  • reupholster antique chair
  • install closet doors
  • fix hinge-bound door so it will actually close

  • make and hang curtains
  • reupholster footstool
  • put laminate on top of craft table
  • paint and hang door

Hall Bath
  • skim coat walls a little more
  • repaint walls
  • really, really scrub grout--and if that doesn't remove yellowing, try one of those grout pens
  • hang at least one picture/piece of art
  • install closet door knob
  • install hooks where I can hang my work clothes
  • install new light fixture

Hall/Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room
  • knock down walls to make these all a single space
  • install structural beam to replace structural wall
  • patch existing oak flooring where walls were removed
  • make new attic hatch
  • replace textured ceiling in kitchen
  • remove wood panelling and replace with drywall  partway done
  • remove vinyl floor in kitchen, and lay new hardwoods there and over exposed subfloor in dining room
  • commit to new kitchen plans
  • build new kitchen cabinets (at least the lower ones)
  • get/make new countertops
  • install backsplash
  • run plumbing for gas range
  • install new sink
  • remove windows in dining room, and replace with french doors out to backyard
  • buy fireplace screen and make the occasional fire 
  • replace hearth tile
  • make living room curtains (purely ornamental)
  • figure out window treatment for front windows that will maximize both light and privacy (plantation shutters?)
  • install new baseboard and crown molding
  • install doors on coat closet
  • fix draft under front door
  • install lots of new outlets to bring house up to newer codes for required number of outlets per room
  • install new lighting

Utility room
  • build utility room--making progress--dismantled exterior wall, installed insulation, and put drywall back up
  • buy and install new tankless water heater--bought a gas tankless water heater--now waiting for all of the other necessary parts to come in
  • run plumbing and install utility sink--P has all the drain plumbing installed, and has begun work on the incoming water lines
  • run plumbing and vent lines for washer/dryer--again, drain lines done, and incoming begun. 
Master bedroom
  • lay hardwood flooring over exposed subfloor
Master Bath
  • give ugly medicine cabinet a cosmetic face lift

Crawl Space
  • complete encapsulation I'm going to call it done
  • test house for radon
  • enjoy running lots of plumbing and wiring for new kitchen/utility room/great room in new, dry, clean space--begun!

  • fix roof leaks  good enough for now
  • continue to work to make this a functional wood shop for P (so he can spend lots of time out there building me new kitchen cabinets!)
  • paint foundation to complement new stair color
  • figure out how to make exterior brick look good after we cut into it to install afore-mentioned french doors
  • paint front door a more lively color (it should be easy to beat white)
  • work with P's brother A, a professional landscape designer, to come up with an actual design for our landscape
  • remove a few more azaleas several more down, only a few left to go!
  • add more plants and beds to continue moving toward cottage garden look slow and steady, right?
  • grow a tomato that doesn't rot before it ripens My one tomato seedling that survived the spring with me is in the ground and starting to grow
  • try to agree on privacy plantings for west property line, and plant them so they have some time to grow
  • buy and plant Yaupon hollies something on east property line 
Progress is slow, and not so glamorous--but we are moving forward!